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E-Design (Remote)

Eco Method Interiors offers e-design services to clients all over the world. We'll help you transform your residential, commercial, or short-term rental property into a space you'll love.

Project size can be anywhere from whole buildings to single rooms and we'll be with you from concept to sourcing, and everything in between. We've been an early adopter of E-design, working on residential, commercial, and investment properties for 6 years!


Our process is set up to get you the best possible outcome, transforming your space, your health, and the planet!

Remote interior design projects are $900-$1,600 per room, based on your project needs, which includes all 7 of the critical deliverables in the process outlined below. 

The Process


1. You receive your welcome kit, and we kick things off with our in-depth video chat intake session.

2. We get your space measured and document everything with photos.


3. Floor plans show you where furniture, room elements, and traffic flows will go.

4. Green goals for each custom project are outlined in our proprietary green guide.


5. A written design plan and explanatory video of a 3D model show you your space.

6. All products and materials are sourced and put into an itemized purchase list. 

7. We send you a our delivery tracking worksheet to keep you organized.