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E-Design (Remote) Interior Design

Eco Method Interiors offers E-design services to clients all over the world.  As an early adopter of this type of interior design work, we've been remotely transforming entire residential, commercial, and investment properties since 2014.


Our carefully formulated E-design process goes well above and beyond industry standards. Working with our in-depth, substantial E-design offering will be fun, organized, and get you the best possible results. Check it out below:

The Process: E-Design


1. You receive your welcome kit, and we kick things off with our in-depth video chat intake session.

2. We get your space measured and document everything with photos.


3. Floor plans show you where furniture and traffic flows will go, creating the foundation for the design plan.

4. Green goals for each custom project are outlined in our proprietary green guide.

5. All products and materials are sourced and put into a procurement list with all of your links for easy purchasing. 

6. A 3D model, written plan and explanatory video is presented to you to view the concept holistically.

7. You review the presentation and submit any revision requests.


8. We send you our delivery tracking worksheet to keep you organized while you purchase and set up your new space. 

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