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Eco Method Interiors offers an in-depth consultation services to both local Los Angeles and remote clients. This offering is for people who need clarity on their interior design or decorating project and direction on the best way to proceed in working with us. 

The Process: 


Step 1. We schedule a 2 hour block and send the invoice for payment prior to arrival. For remote projects we use a video meetup platform like Zoom or Google Meet. Day-of expectations and prep info will be emailed to you ahead of time.

Step 2. We go over style preference visuals, and a questionnaire to provide language and references around your ideal aesthetic, focus the direction of the project and provide structure around creating your project plan.

Step 3. We walk through the entire space from front to back while and take notes while you voice your goals, ideas, concerns and questions.

Step 4.  We walk through the space once more, while the designer describes their professional opinions, answers questions, and suggests potential solutions and ideas. 


Step 5.  We discuss your interest in, and opportunities for, sustainable furnishings or non-toxic materials.


Step 6. We will review a sample contract and discuss any questions in the full interior design process.


Step 7.  Within 1-3 business days after your appointment, the designer will write up a summary of all the notes and ideas discussed on site and send you an organized copy for your reference. ​

Step 7.5. The $250 fee is credited to your Full-Service or E-Design invoice when you are ready to move onto the next level of interior design help. 

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