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You're smart - You understand how important your surroundings are for your happiness, confidence, productivity, stress levels and customer experience.


But that's not all, you're Très Eco-Chic, and down with a holistic approach to interior design that is non-toxic and eco-friendly. In fact, you're about to transform your space, health and the planet.


The "Eco Method" process is the perfect way to blend an inspired space with mental, physical, and environmental well-being.

Our specialty is intelligently incorporating design-forward, eco-friendly & non-toxic products into our projects.

We love designing commercial, residential, and short-term rental projects. 

What people are saying about us:

Emma B.

"We hired Erica to do a conceptual design for a redesign of a church. From the beginning, Erica was amazing to work with! She responded quickly to communications and intuitively listened to the vision that we were trying to communicate. I felt like she really understood what our desires were and helped put those into a beautiful design. Her knowledge of design and eco friendly solutions really took our design concept to the next level."

Jodi R.

Erica and the Eco Method team absolutely exceeded my expectations! Erica was a true professional with a streamlined process, easy and responsive communication, and made the design, purchasing and staging the space so incredibly easy. I had some vague ideas of what I wanted and the general aesthetic I wanted to achieve, but I didn't have anything specific in mind. She presented designs that absolutely nailed what I was trying to achieve! Thanks to Eco Method, I am absolutely in love with my space. 

Kim S.

"I've been wanting to give our bedroom a makeover for years, but wasn't sure exactly what to do... I hired Erica and she was incredible! She saw what we had to work with...and came up with a detailed, specific, comprehensive, BEAUTIFUL, doable plan that was totally within our budget! I am thrilled and can't wait to implement it!!"

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