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Hello there, I'm Erica - the owner and design principal of the premier residential & commercial, eco-friendly, interior design studio in Los Angeles.

I love bringing my expertise and obsession with interior design and environmental + human health into what has become this unique business.


The best part is helping people transform their space to reflect who they are and help them to feel great in mind and body.

When I'm not working, I'm hanging with my husband and our dog Hank, planning where I can find warm and tiny waves to surf, decluttering, practicing Krav Maga or looking to consume a lot of vegetarian Asian cuisine. 


Jessie Minor is an interior design assistant with a creative background in fashion design.


Reina Cibella is an interior decorator who helps with hands-on work.


Jessie Schirrick is a marketing specialist who assists with social media, SEO, and more.

Our Vision: In order to clean & green the interior design industry, we plan on becoming the leading eco-friendly interior design company across the country.


Our Mission: To create inspiring spaces grounded in holistic values through transformational interior design.

Company Values

  1. Trust - Honoring the opportunity to create a healthy, happy space

  2. Transformation - A conduit of inspiration, expression, joy, health and consciousness

  3. Green - Choosing sustainable and healthy living

  4. Fun - Enjoying and learning throughout the process


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