3 Products to Easily & Affordably "Go Green" at Home

July 13, 2015

No matter your motive, if you are ready to "go green" at home, these reasonably priced gismos can easily help you live a more sustainably lifestyle. 


#1 Grab one (or a two-pack) of these timed shower managers to help you and your household cut down on water use.

  • It's a simple, one-of-a-kind gadget that reduces flow when your time is up, and prompts the user out of the shower.

  • It has three timer options

  •  Best of all; helps train you (or your family) into a better behavior.

  • You can get it here for under $130. 

#2 We could all use a WAKA WAKA. Rooftop solar systems are amazing, but it’s just not affordable enough yet for a lot of us. The WAKA WAKA is a much smaller alternative to reduce our

energy from electronics use, and relieve us of our gadget-guilt.

  • Solar char

    ge your favorite electronics daily with this portable mini solar charger 

  • It produces light as well, making it ideal for camping or an emergency safety item for

  •  storm-prone or blackout areas. I myself could have used one in Hurricane Sandy!

  • The best part about this product is that for everyone purchased, the company donates one of these bad boys to a family in the developing world, allowing them a greater chance at a better life.

#3  Gila makes Titanium Heat Control Window Film – a great product, especially for those of u

s enjoying sunny Southern California. This is a good option for homeowners, renters, drivers, or anyone that is stuck paying the energy costs of keeping cool.

  • Heat control window film helps keep energy costs and your carbon footprint low

  • It is even more affordable and easier than installing double-paned windows

  • It reduces heat and also prevents fading of your furnishings.

  • You can pick up a large sheet for under $40.00 from your local Home Depot and even install it yourself. 


There are so many ways to “go green!” We are starting to see some great products come on to the market. I hope this helps you find some easy, low-budget options to get you started.


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