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We offer these additional services that compliment our core offerings for select clients.


We find decluttering is a key piece in letting interior design shine through the noise and starting fresh, clear and clean before the makeover and renovation work starts.  

Furthermore, overconsumption and waste are two big issues we encounter on a daily basis.  We are well-equipped to guide our clients away from this cycle with conscious decluttering and guidance towards a curated, intentional space.

The Process:

1. We do an in-depth assessment and discussion to get clear about the goals and task.

2. On site, we review and commit to the structure and approach for a successful clearing and decluttering. 

3. Our team works with you to sort, process, and clear with kindness, consciousness, and efficiency.

4. All unwanted items are re-homed or properly disposed of for you. 

Photo Shoot Styling and Staging

We found that there is a gap in the styling and staging market where high quality pieces are expertly curated, and with a means to ensure sustainability. 

We don't have warehouses filled with cheap, damaged, and outdated pieces thrown together based on availability. Instead, we source with a designer's eye and bring intention, quality, and sustainability to each project that makes every bit of difference in the customer experience.

The Process:

1. We conduct an in-depth consultation and assessment of your project.

2. Logistics are organized and reviewed for an efficient, smooth, and successful project. 

3. A concept, procurement list, and written plan is presented for approval. 

4. The team executes procurement, setup and breakdown for a seamless experience. 

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