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Home Decor Tips for Guys

Home Decor Tips for Guys by Eco Method Interiors
Home Decor Tips for Guys by Eco Method Interiors

We’ve walked into many a-home and seen all kinds of spaces. None make an impression like that of the single man under 50. Sometimes they are still living that frat-style life, and some misinterpreted what the ladies like. Now, let’s be clear: we LOVE designing fly and sophisticated bachelor pads for our single fellas, but we wanted to put some tips out in the world in the meantime to help this specific group of people out. Why? Because we want to impress upon you how important design is to your life!

First, we want to bust the myth that good design or investing resources to your home is feminine or non-masculine in some way - it’s not, it’s totally gender-neutral. Interior design is a part of expression of identity and non-verbal communication, and we want you dudes to be communicating the right thing to your pals and love interests, alike. Not only will putting more time and love into your home decor, furniture layout, and organization will result in positive changes in your dating life, but also in how much your friends will want to hang at yours, and best of all, how your space impacts your own mental health. Here are some tips to spruce up your bachelor pad so it’s communicating the right thing to you, your friends and even your dates (instead of ghosting you)

  1. Embrace Natural Light A lot of single guys take the expression “man cave” far too literally. It’s time to open up the blinds (actually no, we are going to need to replace those Venetian blinds!) because natural light can help a small space feel bigger and more inviting. Not only will your lovers see you in a more flattering light, but this change will have positive effects on your mental health as well. Add a mirror to a space to help bounce the light around the room and really boost the brightness and soak up all that precious Vitamin D.

  2. Try Out Some Color Allow us to set you free and let you know that not all of your home decor has to be brown, black, and gray. Not only are these colors suuuuuper boring but they can also have a very depressing effect. It’s okay to use neutral colors for some of your base pieces like the rug or a chair, but do try introducing lighter colors to your home. White, green, blue, and yellow. When deciding on a color palette, it can be helpful to use a color wheel and stick to one segment of it or choose complementary colors. Some paint store websites like Benjamin Moore show you complementary colors to the one you’ve selected out of their color grid.

  3. Less Is More Be mindful of the clutter in your home on both a large scale and a small scale. Don’t let mail and dirty dishes pile up on every flat surface in your home—do a clean sweep every night before bed. If you have random items strewn about the floor at all times (cords, clothes, etc.) consider getting rid of some of it or adding storage under your bed or a chest of drawers so that everything has a place. Before buying the extra-bulky sectional couch for you and the boys to have, like, the best fantasy draft ever, consider how it would fit into your floor plan and whether a sofa and a couple of comfortable accent chairs would be a better option.

  4. Don’t forget to express yourself! Decorating your home should be a fun way to show off your interests and hobbies. Like to skate or surf? Mount your board on the wall. Really into video games, movies, or music? Put your favorite album cover artworks into nice frames with matting and hang them in a neat grid above the sofa. There are tons of cool, unique wall hangings for almost every interest you can think of, available on websites like Etsy, where you can support a small business owner while you're at it.

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