Green By Design Episode 201: Principles of Eco-Design with Brittanie Elms

In the first episode season 2, Brittanie Elms of My Design Assistant flips the script and interviews our host, Erica Reiner. Learn how you can design greener by looking for certain certifications, brands, and more.

Brittanie Elms, Virtual Assistant Coach at My Design Assistant

Erica Reiner (00:06):

Hi, Britney. Thank you so much for being here today, everyone. Thank you for tuning into green by design. I am Erica Reiner, your host from eco method interiors. And we have today Brittany Elms from my design assistant, which is her business and her little one is joining us today. Do you have an extra guest?

Brittanie Elms (00:32):

Yes. Hopefully she'll be quiet. I tried to have reinforcements, but she's just busting through those today. So

Erica Reiner (00:40):

The way of the world these days. That's quite all right. So this episode is going to be a little bit different and be a fun way to kick this season off Brittany's idea all her own. And she developed the questions, the really intelligent questions herself was to ask me some questions this time as sort of like a layman, but an experienced person in the design world because her whole businesses helping interior designers with the various tasks. Oh, and I, as I'm speaking and realized, I didn't read your bio. So let me quickly tell you about, about Brittanie. So, as I mentioned, she is the owner and founder of my design assistant business, and it's a virtual assistant agency and she helps me has been so helpful and guided me through some of the processes. And basically she provides support to interior designers, everything from CAD render, sourcing, product procurement, tracking, admin, Pinterest marketing services, and more. And she lives in central Oregon with her husband two kiddos and swarm of pets. Is it three kiddos now?

Brittanie Elms (01:59):

No just 2 god help us

Erica Reiner (02:00):

Okay, cool. So I first found you for some like through some sort of like document in the Ivy software, like file sharing. I don't know what I was looking at, but I was like, oh, that's so interesting. I wonder what she does. And we've been in touch since then. And then this year you started helping me with some of my projects and that's been really fun and so helpful. And then you have this. Yeah. As I was seeing this really good idea that even though you and your team are so experienced in the design world, but you still had some questions about like, what is green interior design? And you have the really smart idea to be the person, to like reverse roles and ask me the questions from your point of view. And so that's what we're going to do today and I'm ready for ya.

Brittanie Elms (02:52):

Awesome. I'm excited. Yeah, I know that's one of the challenges I think with interior design and, you know, the