Green By Design Episode 210: GOTS Certification with Lori Wyman

Lori Wyman, Global Organic Textile Standard Representative in North America
Lori Wyman, Global Organic Textile Standard Representative in North America

Erica Reiner (00:06):

Hello, and thank you for tuning into green by design. I am your host, Erica Reiner from Eco method interiors. And today I have Lori Wyman here with me and she is a representative of the global organic textile standard, which shortens to GOTS. And thank you, Lori so much for being here with me.

Lori Wyman (00:30):

Thank you so much for having me. I really,

Erica Reiner (00:34):

Absolutely. Now let me tell you a little bit about Lori. She represents GOTS as our role refer to it for north America, which is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibers, including ecological and social criteria. She has conducted organic, sustainable and social compliance audits on both farms and factories nationally and internationally for every step of the organic food and textile supply chain from the farm level to finished product. So as you can imagine for all of the designers and home professionals where this podcast is for, this is a very interesting subject and I was so happy to have someone here to talk to me about it, because this is a great certification and something, I talk about a lot, and we so appreciate having you and your expertise here. So maybe you could tell us a little bit about before we dig into what GOTS stays and the kind of work you do. Maybe you could tell us a little bit about you personally, and your journey into the position that you have now and your interest in it.

Lori Wyman (01:55):

As a child, I used to help my grandmother with her garden, and she was very much a proponent of working with nature, not against nature. And we would never step on a lady bug, that kind of thing. And by the time I was a teenager in the mid seventies I used to subscribe to organic gardening magazine. And over time I became an organic inspector for food and, you know, on farm level, but also processing. I took trainings with, I O I a that's the international organic inspection association. I took trainings to become an inspector. And I was in that field for many years and then along came this new standard called guts. And I took a training in 2005. It took place in Texas. We visited organic cotton farms and part of it took place at the university there at Texas tech, where we went and learned more about fibers.

Lori Wyman (02:56):