Green By Design Episode 209: Loni Brown of EntirelyEco

Hear from the founder of the eco-friendly, non-toxic home goods store EntirelyEco about not compromising on style when you go green, working with a contractor when building a non-toxic home, the best home goods options for babies, and more.

Loni Brown, Eco-Friendly Interior Designer and Founder of EntirelyEco

Erica Reiner (00:06):

Hi, everyone. This is green by design. And I'm your host Erica Reiner. Today I have with me Loni Brown, Loni brown is a healthy home expert and the founder of both wholesome wholesomeness and entirely eco where she has lovely home decor for the whole family and it certified eco all that good stuff. And I believe you're out in Colorado. Is that right? Lonnie?

Loni Brown (00:36):

Yes, I'm in Colorado now.

Erica Reiner (00:38):

And she's also a mom of two? Yes. Okay, great. Got it. Got it all today. Okay, so she is gonna talk to us about what she does, but a funny story is that we kind of came whole circle because Lonnie reached out to me a few years ago. We were talking about green interior design and then years later we reconnected on Instagram and this is only just like a couple of weeks ago. And then she very kindly invited me to the clubhouse like social network saying slash audio, whatever. And then we discovered through our phone numbers that we had already known each other and she remembered that was where it was from. So it was a really cool kind of like small world eco thing. And I'm so glad to have her on today. So thank you for being here. Thank

Loni Brown (01:37):

You so much for having me excited to chat. Yeah.

Erica Reiner (01:41):

So tell us about what you've been up to for the past few years since we last connected and about entirely eco and all that kind of stuff.

Loni Brown (01:52):