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Earth Day Giveaway for Short Term Rental Owners

This April in honor of Earth Day, we ran an interior design giveaway on Instagram and Facebook in an effort to benefit one lucky short-term rental owner by giving them a free interior design consultation and design plan. We love designing short term rentals. A recent project in Glen Feliz ADU and outdoor space is bringing more money from Peerspace bookings than they had even projected! On that high note, we wanted to do more to help this particular community of entrepreneurs through high-impact interior design.

We were able to connect with several different short-term rental owners and Airbnb owners as well as learn more about their specific needs and challenges they face in their industry. Factors such as cost, maintenance, and the possibility of damage are all concerns that short-term rental owners share can give hosts and owners the notion that throwing things together themselves is “good enough.” We are here to share that bringing in a pro and investing in your space will create a profit-turning, booking-magnet! Here are the stats:

According to Sergey Mann of Beyond, a short-term rental pricing software, the return on investment for quality interior design far exceeds the cost as investing in interior design can increase revenue by 20% or more. According to this article and anecdotal knowledge, it works primarily in two ways: First, when you have invested in great interior design, your profile photos become more attractive, enabling you to charge more than your comparable competition while holding your occupancy rate. Second, your guest will have a better experience and impression of the space with better design, leading to better reviews. Better reviews, again, leads to the ability to charge more!

On Earth Day, April 22, 2021, we announced our giveaway winner, Angelica, an Airbnb host in Alexandria, Virginia. We met with Angelica to discuss her design goals and delivered a comprehensive design plan to help Angelica attract more guests and make more money on her short-term rental space. Once she starts bringing in top dollar, her goal is to transition from apartments to houses, and get an entire fleet of them under her belt! The best part, is how down with going green Angelica was. The plan outlined everywhere we thought she could find sustainable alternatives. Some of this would be done by getting fun and pre-owned/vintage pieces that went with the eclectic-funk vibe she was after. We also directed them to eco-friendly removable wallpaper and paint.

At Eco Method Interiors, we LOVE helping short-term rental owners reach their goals through interior design. If you want to optimize your earning potential on your STR space, schedule a free, 15-minute consultation with us today.

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