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Design Obsession: Plaster Wall Art

We have discovered plaster art and can’t get enough. This trend came on the scene around the time we were all stuck at home thanks to COVID-19 and we predict it’s not going away any time soon. If you’re looking for something more interesting and modern than an oil painting, check out these plaster artists. Plaster art would work well in contemporary, mid-century modern, bohemian and California modern spaces.

If you want to save a little dough and make your very own art piece for your home but perhaps have always lacked artistic talent, this one’s for you! Plaster art is not only interesting and satisfying to look at (and touch) but it’s also super easy to DIY. You just need a canvas, some plaster and a little tool or two and you’re ready to make your very own masterpiece! It’s pretty dang hard to mess up and it offers a minimalist aesthetic without looking too basic.

Keep it eco-friendly by using clay plaster which is free of synthetics, glues, and paints meaning it’s void of formaldehyde and VOCs.

  1. Boheme Home

  2. Ninos Studio

  3. Boheme Home

  4. Large White Abstract Relief Tile in Coarse Sculpture Clay by Jan Vogelpoel Sold by Modern Times

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