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Eco Interior Design: A Case Study

I don't normally blog about work already in the portfolio, but I was posting the image on Insta, and I actually had a lot to say. Sooooo I am putting it here as well. This design work features a small area; an entryway into a Southern California home. I am proud of this design work even though it's small, because it encapsulates my personal aesthetic and flavor as a designer. It used to be that you were meant to completely mold yourself into the style that best represents whatever client that came across your desk. But not so much anymore these days.

With the fluidity and wonders of the modern internet and social platforms, it's even more important to have a signature style and create your portfolio in line with your brand (if you feel the need to do an eye roll, I get it). For that reason I think this entryway is one of the more important design concepts I've put together. I was able to layer natural materials like distressed wood, leather, wool, linen, iron, silk, brass and paper for a California-Chic vibe. It's even complete with a little olive tree - mediterranean and stunning.

Not to mention, this can be a technically difficult or tricky space; it's a no-foyer entry, where the front door opens up into the main common space... without a foyer, mud room, or hallway. A no-foyer entry still deserves the same beautiful and striking presence, and practical unloading function, that gives those who enter their first impression. For that reason alone, entries are important to give your love, budget and flair to, sort of like a good first handshake with a firm grip and lots of eye contact.

The eco features in this project include:

A reclaimed beam wood console table

Eco-friendly wallpaper

100% linen roman shade

100% silk artwork

non-voc paint

American made ceramic dish

efficient sconce bulbs


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