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Eco-Friendly Interior Design: WallPapers

Wallpaper - It's back and with more variety than ever. How can we get eco-friendly wallpaper. The first step is to look for paper that does not have PVC in the paper, as it off-gasses VOCs, which are a group of chemicals that are unstable and get into the atmosphere easily, which is why you can often smell that plasticy or offensive chemical smells.

Step two, is to avoid papers that already come with the adhesive on the back of the paper. This is so you can buy your own adhesive so that you can get a low-VOC low toxin one. So we want to keep the VOCs down and the PVC out of the paper itself. There are in fact, companies out there selling no-PVC wall coverings and plenty of low toxin adhesives to keep your air quality high and the environment happy.

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