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Eco-Friendly Interior Design: Textiles in soft goods

So what I tell people to do first to get the most bang for their eco-buck when going green as you decorate and design your space, is to replace conventional soft goods with non-toxic and eco-friendly ones. What I mean by soft goods is things that include throw pillows (like these cool boho-contemporary ones seen in this video shot in a fun Beverly Hills, California studio space), rugs, curtains, cushions, sofas and the like.

Number 1, start with the materials - are they made out of natural fabrics that you know and can pronounce and understand? Number 2, look for things without flame retardants and other processing like softeners or similar treatments. Number 3 if you can find vendors selling things made from organic materials, that's even better because they were grown without pesticides.

The easiest way to start looking for items like these is to see if they have any certifications from 3rd parties like green gaurd gold, GOTs, or OEKO-TEX. If you have any questions, as usual send me an email or text!

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