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Eco-Friendly Interior Design: Mattresses are the "gateway drug"

Look at this goodness I am laying on in this video shot in a Santa Monica, California bohemian dream space! I have found that people are most educated about mattresses in terms of realizing that they need to bring products and pieces into their home that are healthy for them and the planet - without any gnarly chemicals or overuse of resources. So mattresses are typically the gateway to more when people realize they need to bring in pieces that aren't bad for them.

From their I encourage people who are going through a remodel or redecorating to go beyond the mattress and get help sourcing pieces throughout the home that they spend time on, like chairs, sofas, pillows, rugs and more, made from healthy suppliers. Bring in healthy happy products that fit your budget and style; I absolutely know we can do both. Thanks for watching!

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