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Eco-friendly interior design: lighting fixtures

I am making it a point to source out eco-friendly lighting fixtures - and this goes beyond the bulb. We do want to have an energy efficient bulb, which is a no-brainer, but we also want the shade and frame to be made from eco-friendly resources (and are stylish too). In this video shot in a downtown Los Angeles loft, the shades above my head are made from all natural seagrass that grows quickly and can even be considered a pest in some areas.

If you have a fixture made of steel from the US - it's like recycled. You may also find some made of reclaimed wood. The shade could also be made from other fascinating and natural materials like mycelium fiber, linen, hemp, seagrass, and recycled products. Fixing up vintage or retro light fixtures with new wiring and a cleaning is also a great way to save resources.

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