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Eco-friendly Interior Design: Design Psychology

So What is design psychology? Design psychology looks at the impact of your mood and wellbeing is impacted by your physical surroundings. So looking at how things like color, lighting, texture, and exposure to the outdoors and things that make you happy is going to impact you; and how it does so.

What we know from some very smart researchers is that all those aforementioned things as well as texture and the comfort of your space is quite important to your overall well-being. So design psychology is really important in looking at how we are impacted by our spaces at home and work.

50% of what I do is focused on this concept of feeling better in your spaces that you hang out in the most, and the other 50% is making sure that physically, you have clean and green decor and items to keep yourself and your family healthy. If you have questions about the research I have read or more about design psychology, don't hesitate to ask me via email or text!

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