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Eco-friendly Interior Design: Does It Cost More?

For my greenies across The States, from Northern California to Denver, Colorado, to Vermont and New York - The question I get asked most often about what I do, which is eco-friendly interior design, is: “Is Eco-Friendly interior design going to cost me more than regular? Because I would love to have that, and I value my and my families health but I don’t think it’s for me because I think it might be more expensive” What I would like to say to that is NO!

So just like how I go to the health food grocery store and the organic spaghetti is less expensive than the regular, the same thing applies to the status of the vendors of the products and materials in the eco-friendly and non-toxic design world right now. You can find amazing and quality materials and furnishings made from natural materials with minimal processing that are the same or less than regular ones on the traditional design market right now.

Also what I like to do at Eco-Method Interiors, is to start with your budget and style, and work in better healthier products and furnishing that are going to work for your particular design and you. It’s not all or nothing, you can definitely incorporate healthier and better pieces into your design plan that works with your budget and style. There’s definitely items out that are going to work for you and bring you joy and make you happy while being eco-friendly and budget friendly. So do a little bit of research, and ask me questions because you can have both in a way that works for you.

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