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Eco-Friendly Interior Design: How I incorporate nature into our design work

Biophilia is a word, for all of you Latin nerds out there.. it means love of nature. We are all a part of nature down to our beings and it’s so important that we experience it for our psychological health. Which is why if you think about – real estate agents will tell you the homes with the best views of nature and water and trees and parks always sell for the highest because we need it.

So, I bring it into what I do in my design in a few different ways. The first is to literally bring the outdoors in with bringing plant babies into your home. Find ones that you can’t kill – English Ivy, because I know how easy it is to kill plants...even succulents.

And the second one is to use natural products and materials in the design itself. So, staying away from the plastics and acrylics in all kinds of fibers and hard goods.

Then the third way is to protect nature and incorporate healthier, better, environmentally pieces into the design plan itself. So, that’s how I love nature in my work.

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