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Eco-Friendly Interior Design: 2019 color trends + 3 ways to go green with paint

Okay, so I was just at a design fair here in Los Angeles and we were talking about trends for 2019. One trend for neutrals is that they’re gonna shift from the grey explosion we’ve had the past couple of years to a little bit more of a warmer neutral. A color I’m obsessed with right now could be called a putty, or an abalone, so I have a couple examples of those if you swipe right in a second. But, first, paint is one of the easiest ways you can go green when you’re redesigning or decorating a space. There are 3 ways to go green when you are starting a painting project.

First, You can get non-VOC paint from a major supplier, like Benjamin Moore Natura paint or Sherwin Williams, in almost any color. VOC's aren't good to breathe in and will drop your air quality.

The other two ways are: recycled unused leftover paint. You can actually recycle the paint you have now or the paint you end up having that is unused at a paint recycling center which are in 8 states.

And, you can actually buy already newly mixed paint from recycling centers that you go to which they take, remix and sell. So, recycled paint is a thing. Those are a few ways you can go green with your new putty paint.

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