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Green Interior Design: Using Recycled Leather

New leather is no good for the environment - tanneries leach dyes and chemicals into the environment and ground, not to mention the damage to the workers in this industry who become ill. This doesn't even include the energy, water, and waste required to raise cattle and other animals culled for the leather. This is devastating. On a more selfish designer level... this is devastating for my interior decor - I LOVE leather - the look, the feel even the smell.

My solution is to use recycled leather. Luckily, I am seeing more and more products come on the market that re-use leather in beautiful ways for a sophisticated look in your decor without harming the earth, animals or contributing to tannery worker disease.

For walls there are suppliers offering recycled leather wall panels you can put up for decor or sound insulation or as a headboard. Remember Formica? Well they now offer recycled leather panels for your walls:

How about recycled leather countertops and backsplashes?! Ecodomo to the rescue for some fresh, eco-friendly and unique options.

The leather belts from ecodomo are used leather belts which have been collected from second hand stores and donations from partners.

For flooring, you can can get recycled leather planks. These are soft underfoot, quiet and beautiful. Check out ecodomo.

Recycled leather ottomans. If you have your eye on a leather ottoman... and why wouldn't you... check out these recycled leather poufs first.

1. Hand-woven of 100% recycled leather strips from India sold by

2. Multi color hemp and recycled leather pouf from

3. Hair-on-hide pouf from repurposed hide scraps by Upcycle Studio

No waste poof. Created from reclaimed cowhide remnants, this one-off patchwork ottoman is hand stitched and ethically made under the GoodWeave scheme, supporting small rural artisan communities in India. Price $199.00 from Upcycle Studio

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