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Green Interior Design: Lamps & Lighting Fixtures

As a designer the lamps themselves are more top-of-mind than the bulbs going in them - however I always see an opportunity to go green with every product, piece of art and furniture. Luckily, more and more chandeliers, light fixtures and lamps are being produced sustainably or made from recycled materials - combine this with an energy efficient lightbulb and we are truly going green. The trick is that a lot of the ones I see on the internet are DIY by the poster and not for sale :( So... Here are some good ones I have seen online that are actually participating in this conscious consumer / green interior design marketplace.

1. First up has GOT to be the Brecce lamps by Italian designer and maker Marco Stefanelli. He salvages dead and unwanted pieces of logs or branches from local sources and breathes new life into them by encasing LED lights between two halves of the wood in a layer of resin. So no new trees were harmed in the making of this fabulousness, and LED lights are pretty legit.

2. Next we have the BIPOLAIRE lights by a Canadian designer, Tat Chao. Not too unlike the concept for the Brecce lights, Tat upcycles unwanted wine / champagne glasses and inserts LED lights into the center. To make it look extra dreamy, Tat puts a frosted film in the center for that diffused look. BAM! you've got a super unique and sustainable pendant light.

3. My next favorite is a Texas-based company Wolf Glass Art & Pottery who blows glass for all sorts of artistic purposes, including this super cool pendant light / chandelier they did from recycled glass bottles!

4. These pendant lights, Scrap Lights White Series by Graypants are made from cardboard sourced from sustainable forestry certified resources. This means that the paper used for the shades was sourced from forests that continually replant more trees than harvested. Also, at the end of it's long life, it can be recycled too. So modern but adaptable enough for any style space.

5. Last but not least is this Etsy maker Justin Ladoux who uses recycled scrap metal bits to make the most amazing light/sculpture ...especially for us ocean lovers because it's a huge scary angler fish! HOWEVER it gets last place due to it's ridiculously high price (8k).

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