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Unique Wooden Side Tables

Adding a pair of side tables to either side of a sofa or a bed add symmetry, makes the room feel put together and thought out. Buuuuut for me, not just any ikea plain junk will do. I love unique and interesting pieces. Also, my personal style leans towards a global/rustic vibe - lots of natural and raw materials like wood, with interesting curved lines. Here are some of my favorite unique side tables constructed primarily of beautiful woods. The best part about them, is that they are pretty eco-friendly, coming from primarily reclaimed woods (when you re-use old wood from a torn down construction site or something like that, and repurpose it).

I have to start with this bad boy because it's the perfect combo of rustic reclaimed wood with a long history showing through the beautiful weathered lines and colors, and mixed with steel and glass for just enough modern to feel pretty ooh-la-la about it. I found this guy on

unique reclaimed block wood side table

Next up has to be these hairpin Albian side tables with the raw wood slab tops by Roost. You can get these at for $286 for the pair. Hairpin tables of all types are super hot right now, but I love that these have the natural, rustic look on the traditionally modern-industrial hairpin legs... and a slick stain to boot. Again, the combo of these elements keeps me in this happy medium of modern-meets-rustic.

Now pallet wood is also eco-friendly as it is reclaimed from a former life in goods shipping, and that furniture is totally everywhere, but what makes this next side table unique is that you hang the table from the ceiling - like a low-lying shelf. You can these super cheap for $50 each at Urban Outfitters for a guaranteed dreamy boho situation.

For my ultra industrial/rustic roots - I'm into this block table. Just reclaimed 2x4's strapped in with some aged steel. HOWEVER.. I am NOT so stoked on the price. An Etsy seller (while I do believe in getting paid for your time and workmanship) called JRealFurniture is selling this peice for over $1200.. :( But, I will add this here to inspire us.

For more modern feels - I like how revolutionary it was for this designer to simply stack the wooden slabs - horizontally - wooooah.. genius. It works, and feels modern but warm in color and with interesting depth to the different layers. Also made with reclaimed pieces by Rotsen Furniture, Found on (no price listed)

Last but not least, I am super into these very simple tables make of raw tree trunks in their original form.. simply sanded and dipped in paint. Sort of rustic/boho meets funky modern with that splash of color. I'm partial to the gold and white ones myself. A bunch of folks sell these on Etsy. This seller charges $125.

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