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Retro Bar Carts

A bit hipster, I know – but still, I’ve been eyeballing some of these retro bar carts to fancy-up the new apartment we’re moving into. Besides, they are perfect for housing those beautiful, crystal hard liquor decanters I like collecting.

True vintage carts will run up a pretty penny, so look for some newer production knock-offs if you're on a budget. Here are some of my favorites:

I love this beauty because it's delicate, small and round, which suits the thin brass legs, little wheels and thin tempered glass typical of these early/mid-century carts. Perfectly adorable.

This cart is super-snazzy; first, the tiered shelving is unique, and not to mention the polished wood leg inserts set on an angle! Then there's the detail of the covered wheel housing, and the slightly rounded sides. Love. Love. LOVE this one!

I love the combination of lines in this cart: round, straight and twisted. There's mixed finishes too, with brass, steel and aqua glass. Decent shelf space as well, even though it doesn't feel big or bulky.

This cart below is also very unique; the asymetrical, tiered shelving, the 3 bottle cutouts on the top shelf, and the mirrored surfaces. This is a large piece that takes up a lot of visual space, but is sturdy and delicate all at the same time. Without handles, this could also double as a sideboard.

Last but not least, this cart is eye-catching because of the contrast between the shiny, brushed nickel frame against the polished wood tray shelving. I also like that the frame sides are ultra-thin, and the pushing handle is uniquely centered lengthwise across the top.

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