Leather Sling Back Chairs

I am really excited for this post because I have been pining over leather sling chairs for a while now. The original butterfly chair version of the sling chair was originally designed all the way back in 1938 by the Argentinian architect Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy shortly after working for Le Corbusier. But whoever decided to replace the college-y looking fabric with gorgeous leather is a genius. I am completely obsessed with leather sling or sling back chairs and luckily there is a wide range of variations on the market. They look great in almost any style room, from rustic and industrial to contemporary and modern. There’s a huge price range out there from super high-end to great bargain steals – leather sling backs for all!

Here are some of my recent favorites.

Design Trend Unique Affordable Leather Sling Chair

Starting with this really unique leather sling chair - it has a built in side table, and a square metal frame. The leather looks warn and soft. It's one of the most interesting takes on this style sling chair I've seen. You can buy this piece here for $278 made by firstkind.com

Next up is this recliner / chaise lounge style sling chair, with simple clean lines and a rich caramel leather seat. It is finished with broad leather stitching on top and bottom and the base is made from bent iron rod with a pewter toned finish. You can get this chair from Mrs. Jones for $990

Design Trend Leather Sling Recliner Chair