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Leather Sling Back Chairs

I am really excited for this post because I have been pining over leather sling chairs for a while now. The original butterfly chair version of the sling chair was originally designed all the way back in 1938 by the Argentinian architect Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy shortly after working for Le Corbusier. But whoever decided to replace the college-y looking fabric with gorgeous leather is a genius. I am completely obsessed with leather sling or sling back chairs and luckily there is a wide range of variations on the market. They look great in almost any style room, from rustic and industrial to contemporary and modern. There’s a huge price range out there from super high-end to great bargain steals – leather sling backs for all!

Here are some of my recent favorites.

Design Trend Unique Affordable Leather Sling Chair

Starting with this really unique leather sling chair - it has a built in side table, and a square metal frame. The leather looks warn and soft. It's one of the most interesting takes on this style sling chair I've seen. You can buy this piece here for $278 made by

Next up is this recliner / chaise lounge style sling chair, with simple clean lines and a rich caramel leather seat. It is finished with broad leather stitching on top and bottom and the base is made from bent iron rod with a pewter toned finish. You can get this chair from Mrs. Jones for $990

Design Trend Leather Sling Recliner Chair

This one-of-a-kind 1930's gem is also a recliner, lounge-style sling chair, however it has two beautifully unique featers: first the curving brass-plated steel frame, and the fact that it sits on a T-bar or tripod base. It is elegant and modern and vintage all at the same time. I love the burnt orange, worn in look contrasting with the looping br

Design Trend Leather Sling Chair Unique Brass Frame

The chair below was hand-made by an Etsy craftsman, using reclaimed wood (yay!). This one is chunkier than the rest - but in a good way. You can get this piece for Under $700 - not too bad for a big chair boasting reclaimed wood and hand stitching.

Design Trend Hand-made Reclaimed Wood and Leather Sling Chair

These are often called Safari chairs or Safari sling chairs, and you can see why. These in particular, are 1960s "Sirocco" chairs in rosewood and tan leather by Arne Norell. It's an incredibly well conceived design - The natural colors and beautiful rosewood grain of these chairs would suit any style room from boho to modern to masculine bachelor pad. Check them out here from

Another vintage piece, this unique leather sling chair has a high back and bucket seat. Designed in 1952 by William Katavolos, Littell and Kelly for Laverne International. This beautiful chair is comprised of a chrome plated steel "T" shaped frame with brown leather Sling seat. This style would work nicely in smaller spaces. Check it out on

You can't go wrong with the classic butterfly sling chair I mentioned at the beginning. This one is beautiful because of the thick stitching and distressed, raw leather look. As a bonus, this is really easy to pack up and move. This one, like so many others, was spotted on Ebay for under $300.

Last but not least, is this modern take on the butterfly sling - The "Zentique" Hide Sling Chair in Ivory. The contrasting black and ivory, the sharp lines, the sleek frame, and trendy hide fur makes this perfect for more modern spaces. However, it's a pretty penny at about $2,243 from a variety of online shops.

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