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Amazingly Unique Drawer Pulls & Knobs

The design is in the details. Even something as seemingly small as drawer pulls or handles can create a big impact or desired change to a piece or surface. Personally, I have become obsessed with unusual, sometimes whimsical drawer pulls.

Here are some of my favorites.

Geode door pulls are so beautiful. Anthropologie makes these gold-rimmed, uneven and raw knobs that would seriously dress up any room or piece of furniture. I envision these working in either a modern or boho styled space.

Next up are these whimsical bronzed dog drawer pulls I found on - i think the mastiff is especially cute for a decor item, but they have over 80 breeds...just of drawer handles! The flat face dog breeds look a little vague, but most are super cute, however they are really pricey at $30 a pop!. I see these being used in a eclectic or mid century modern space.

There are so many version of sea glass drawer handles I can't pick just one photo or style. I love the natural, free-form knobs, and the more polished look of these handles. Because of the glass, cool colors, and translucence, I think these would work best in a modern or coastal space. These are es

pecially fun to purchase from small artists and merchants.

Last but not least, i have been loving the huge variety of leather drawer pulls and handles I have been seeing lately. Due to the ability to make almost any color, shape and style of leather pull, they would and should go in any space. I have seen everything from the the super distressed and rustic look, to ultra sleek clean lines and neutral colors for contemporary spaces.

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