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Maybe I Can Own An Affordable Eco-House!?

I have found hope, as a Southern California renter, that one day I CAN own a house without swimming in mortgage debt until I die! Cherry on the cake - it can be eco-friendly but not hippie-gross :) :) :)

Prefabricated homes sometimes conjure up images of rickety mobile homes, or 1970’s-style bungalows. However, thanks to some inspired innovators, prefabricated homes are making a comeback in a contemporary, eco-friendly way. I found some of the leading companies below, and they have amazing designs you might not believe are prefabs in mutliple styles!

1. Method Homes appear to really put sustainability first. Method’s homes and commercial structures can be built to obtain LEED, ENERGY STAR, Living Building Challenge, Passive House, and other environmental certification standards. They have many series of styles to choose from, which range widely in price, size, and inspiration. Here is my personal favorite: The "Cottage" series ranging from 1,484 sqft at $360,000 turnkey ready to 2,190 sqft at $480,000 turnkey ready. The “Cottage” Style is probably the most traditional styled house on the prefab market, although they have plenty of modular and modern structures as well.

2. Stillwater Dwellings. Their sustainable modular homes are “...built to be environmentally sound and exceptionally energy efficient. At Stillwater Dwellings, we believe in home design and building techniques that are sustainable, healthy and energy sensitive. Our green prefab homes reflect this philosophy, and are built with the sustainability always top of mind.” ....I love this take on modern, with lots of glass letting in natural light, and a multitude of materials that break up the exterior.

3. Living Homes. Their mission is a nice one: ..."Our mission is to create homes and communities that inspire people, foster family and community interaction, and make modern life easier, healthier and more comfortable -- all in ways that compliment and enhance the municipalities and environments in which we work." From cottages to mansions, these guys have a wide range of styles and price points.

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