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Great Resources By Category For Toxic-Free, Green Products & Living

I've compiled some great resources for you to quickly get information on a wide variety of products enabling you live a less toxic, greener life. In this post you can find links to reliable sources that categorically list out the best products and suppliers for less toxic alternatives for your home and work space including: furniture, baby products, beauty products, bedding, air purifiers and cleaners.

Cleaning Products

For a list of green, low/no – toxin cleaners, the Environmental Working Group’s site has a substantial list for each category of cleaners from laundry to windows to surfaces. Check out the green cleaners they recommend here.

Furniture & Baby Products

The Center For Environmental Health put together a nice page with different categories of products without flame-retardants and their manufactures, ranging from baby products, to household items to office furniture. Check out those lists here. Also put together a beautiful PDF that includes what you need to know about flame-retardants, places that can help you modify the furniture you already have, and a large list of suppliers for sourcing new furniture.

Bedding put together a top 10 list of their favorite sources for organic bedding. They included sources for all the different types of bedding from sheets and blankets to pillows, mattress covers and the mattresses themselves. Check out their picks here.

Air purifiers

The California Air Resources Board put together a great info sheet to let you know the differences between the types of air filter systems and which ones are most effective at pollution removal (the high-efficiency filter in a forced air system!), which ones are only good for calming asthma & Allergies (most portable devices), and which ones are actually bad for air pollution (Ozone producers). Check out their FAQ page to figure learn more and see which one you can install.

Beauty Products

The good news is that there are tons of sites and blogs out there discussing toxic-free or natural beauty products. The bad news is that it’s getting hard to navigate or distinguish the best information. I like the Environmental Working Group’s site dedicated to just this topic called Skin Deep, which provides a separate category for each type of beauty product, a rating system, and a mobile site for when you are at the store. EWG also works to address political action for informing the consumer through legislation.

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