Interior Design for Short Term Rentals & Investment Properties

Q: Why is our favorite kind of project designing short-term rentals (STR) and investment properties?

A: As a fellow business, we love helping other businesses make more money through impactful interior design!


Investing in your STR's interior design can increase revenue by 20% or more. Here’s why:

1. More attractive photos and listing attractiveness         more clicks         algorithm exposure

        more demand (occupancy rates.)


2. Psychologically pleasing design         a better experience         better reviews (from 4 to 4.5 star reviews)         charge 20% more than competitors. 

Need to hear more? Check out this podcast interview.


ADU + Backyard Build-Out | Glenfeliz, Los Angeles, CA

Rental Platform: PeerSpace


1,500% increase in profits

Before project: $5,000 / year in shoot bookings

After Project: $84,000 / year projected in shoot bookings with celebrity-backed brands including: 9Elements Laundry and Samatea.


Model Unit Renovation and Staging | Austin, TX

Long-Term Rental Complex

Average of 10% yearly rental increase

We work with clients hosting on

 Peerspace | Splacer | Breather AirBnb | VRBO | Agoda | One Fine Stay | Plum Guide | As well as privately-owned short and long-term rentals.

Our Company is Called Eco Method InteriorsHow do we incorporate green products and materials into investment properties?

High-end units:

We incorporate non-toxic furnishings into our design plan to make guests with chemical sensitivities more comfortable. We can also add in air purifiers and non-toxic cleaning products into your purchasing plan for a comprehensive, stand-out experience to market to these guests. 

Mid-range units:

We expertly source vintage or pre-loved, local pieces to reduce your budget spend and eco-footprint at the same time. We look for high-quality, excellent condition pieces on proven apps and platforms. 

Data from the above statements came from Beyond Pricing's internal software, and, the scholarly Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing's article: Understanding the influence of “feeling at home” on healthcare travelers’ well-being: a comparison of Airbnb and hotel homescapes.