You want a stunning and joyful home & work environment that's clean and green, too.

Here's How We Can Help:

  • Consultations & Design Plans - As a stand alone piece or the foundation for your design process, this includes everything from getting to know your needs on a deep level, to providing a clear pathway for a room makeover or remodel with instructions, visuals videos and the like.

  • Vision Boards & Color Palettes - From getting clear on what style you like, to how pieces look together in a space, and what colors work together, this step is critical to the success of the design process.

  • Floor Plans & Elevations - These drawings show where furniture, finishes and room elements will go, and how they will work in the room. They are also technical pieces that inform the purchasing phase with what and how much to buy.

  • 3D Modeling & Renderings - 3D models give you an excellent idea of what to expect with size, color, spacing, and cohesion. Rendered images of the model are photo-realistic with added light, shadows and texture to give an incredibly precise preview of what the space will look like after the remodel or makeover is finished. These are super fun!

  • Sourcing & Procurement - Leaving this part to us pros is a huge time and stress saver. We do the research, vendor relations, requests for quotes, shipping requirements, tracking and storage while you get excited for your pieces to come. Using the Eco Method way, our specific expertise enables us to source from vendors providing eco-friendly, sustainable, or non-toxic items. We use your budget and style as our baseline. Then we carefully choose which pieces from cleaner, greener sources in a way that works with your design plan.

  • Green Guidance & Education - Beyond sourcing from eco-friendly and non-toxic vendors, we can educate you on how and why to go green in your home, the most important pieces to source green, easy ways to reduce your remodel footprint and more.

How We Work

We work online with E-Design clients, and locally, in Southern California. 

First, let's jump on a call to see how we can best help you.

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