Eco Interior Design: A Case Study

I don't normally blog about work already in the portfolio, but I was posting the image on Insta, and I actually had a lot to say. Sooooo I am putting it here as well. This design work features a small area; an entryway into a Southern California home. I am proud of this design work even though it's small, because it encapsulates my personal aesthetic and flavor as a designer. It used to be that you were meant to completely mold yourself into the style that best represents whatever client that came across your desk. But not so much anymore these days. With the fluidity and wonders of the modern internet and social platforms, it's even more important to have a signature style and create your p

A Match Made in Green Heaven: Green Realtor Meets Green Interior Designer

Izumi Tanaka reached out to me after hearing me on Nature's Premier green podcast. She's a green realtor in LA looking to help her clients buy and sell green homes. So it's only fitting that a year later, she decided to start her own podcast about green homes and real estate called "Home Green Homes" and invited me to be on it. Here's the show highlights and the recording for you to listen along. Listen Here "Erica Reiner is the owner - principal of Eco Method Interiors, where her company helps families and businesses through a unique eco-friendly approach to interior design. Through her former career in environmental business and environmental education as well as a lifetime of creating an

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