Eco-friendly Interior Design: Does It Cost More?

For my greenies across The States, from Northern California to Denver, Colorado, to Vermont and New York - The question I get asked most often about what I do, which is eco-friendly interior design, is: “Is Eco-Friendly interior design going to cost me more than regular? Because I would love to have that, and I value my and my families health but I don’t think it’s for me because I think it might be more expensive” What I would like to say to that is NO! So just like how I go to the health food grocery store and the organic spaghetti is less expensive than the regular, the same thing applies to the status of the vendors of the products and materials in the eco-friendly and non-toxic design w

Eco-Friendly Interior Design: 2019 color trends + 3 ways to go green with paint

Okay, so I was just at a design fair here in Los Angeles and we were talking about trends for 2019. One trend for neutrals is that they’re gonna shift from the grey explosion we’ve had the past couple of years to a little bit more of a warmer neutral. A color I’m obsessed with right now could be called a putty, or an abalone, so I have a couple examples of those if you swipe right in a second. But, first, paint is one of the easiest ways you can go green when you’re redesigning or decorating a space. There are 3 ways to go green when you are starting a painting project. First, You can get non-VOC paint from a major supplier, like Benjamin Moore Natura paint or Sherwin Williams, in al

Eco-Friendly Interior Design: How I incorporate nature into our design work

Biophilia is a word, for all of you Latin nerds out there.. it means love of nature. We are all a part of nature down to our beings and it’s so important that we experience it for our psychological health. Which is why if you think about – real estate agents will tell you the homes with the best views of nature and water and trees and parks always sell for the highest because we need it. So, I bring it into what I do in my design in a few different ways. The first is to literally bring the outdoors in with bringing plant babies into your home. Find ones that you can’t kill – English Ivy, because I know how easy it is to kill plants...even succulents. And the second one is to use natura

Eco-Friendly Interior Design: Safe & Green Carpeting and Rugs

Rugs are in my top 3 items to replace with an eco-friendly, green, non-toxic furnishings in your beautifully decorated home. I got my samples today from Organic Weave, which is a company that just reached out to me to tell me that they have an amazing product; Which is, rugs that are G-O-T-S, GOTS, certified, which stands for Global Organic Textile Standards. This basically means that there’s nothing totally disgusting and horrible happening in the production process while it’s being made and nothing totally horrible and disgusting happening when it’s in your home in terms of chemicals and health and safety. It’s really hard to find soft goods and rugs and carpeting made from this certifi

Eco-Friendly Interior Design: Grout & Grout Sealer Options

In this video coming to you from West L.A., just look at all these grout colors! This is a public service announcement to let you know that you do not have to use black grout. Or white, and that there are many colors of the grouty rainbow that can match your tile and make a really seamless, clean, contemporary look. So, public service announcement is over, and be sure to choose your grout color wisely. And, last, while we’re talking about grout, because I specialize in eco-friendly / green products and materials, I want to tell you that you can get non-toxic, low VOC forms of grout sealer. That will help reduce exposure to toxins in your remodel project, and keep your air quality healthy.

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