Green Interior Design: Lamps & Lighting Fixtures

As a designer the lamps themselves are more top-of-mind than the bulbs going in them - however I always see an opportunity to go green with every product, piece of art and furniture. Luckily, more and more chandeliers, light fixtures and lamps are being produced sustainably or made from recycled materials - combine this with an energy efficient lightbulb and we are truly going green. The trick is that a lot of the ones I see on the internet are DIY by the poster and not for sale :( So... Here are some good ones I have seen online that are actually participating in this conscious consumer / green interior design marketplace. 1. First up has GOT to be the Brecce lamps by Italian designer and

Green Interior Design: Beautiful Cork Floor Options

You might have heard that cork is an option for flooring, and you might have even heard it's eco-friendly. It's eco-friendly because it is actually just the bark of a Phellodendron or Cork Tree so the bark can be harvested renewable and quickly while the tree remains alive for hundreds of years, producing that gorgeous clean oxygen. In addition to their eco-friendly content, they are a good option for many reasons, they are quiet, durable, and easily cleaned. Also cork is naturally resistance to temperature extremes, fire and fungi. I also love that it's not as cold as tile. About the design...Since it's inception into the market, the designs have come a long way - a 1970's style brown is

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