Maybe I Can Own An Affordable Eco-House!?

I have found hope, as a Southern California renter, that one day I CAN own a house without swimming in mortgage debt until I die! Cherry on the cake - it can be eco-friendly but not hippie-gross :) :) :) Prefabricated homes sometimes conjure up images of rickety mobile homes, or 1970’s-style bungalows. However, thanks to some inspired innovators, prefabricated homes are making a comeback in a contemporary, eco-friendly way. I found some of the leading companies below, and they have amazing designs you might not believe are prefabs in mutliple styles! 1. Method Homes appear to really put sustainability first. Method’s homes and commercial structures can be built to obtain LEED, ENERGY STAR,

Great Resources By Category For Toxic-Free, Green Products & Living

I've compiled some great resources for you to quickly get information on a wide variety of products enabling you live a less toxic, greener life. In this post you can find links to reliable sources that categorically list out the best products and suppliers for less toxic alternatives for your home and work space including: furniture, baby products, beauty products, bedding, air purifiers and cleaners. Cleaning Products For a list of green, low/no – toxin cleaners, the Environmental Working Group’s site has a substantial list for each category of cleaners from laundry to windows to surfaces. Check out the green cleaners they recommend here. Furniture & Baby Products The Center For Environmen

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